Beginnings. . . .

A glass of wine and surrounded by the best people I know, we lay out our personal aspirations that scare us the most. One, a math specialist, has been hired as an instructional coach for two elementary schools. Terrified of teaching anything remotely ELA, she is jumping in. Another, encouraged by a college professor, is embarking on a journey to write a book about Chinese immigrants in Idaho – specifically the women involved. Jumping in. My mother, dedicated to her work for over 20 years, has been drawn towards doing her work on a larger level as well as her current position This leaves me. . . . . 

They were shocked. My closest friends and my own mother were shocked by what I was scared of most. I am scared to start this blog. My mind runs with insecurities and yet, at the end of the day, I know this much is true: I don’t propose to know more than anyone. I only know differently. A bit of tech, a lot of writing, and a need to organize it with other random information. 

So – I’m jumping in. Both feet. Eyes open. No expectations of grandeur or success. Just the hope that I can learn from others and that here, on this blog, I can have a voice.



2 thoughts on “Beginnings. . . .

  1. Read and was inspired by your courage to post “brain dump”, and I am very happy to see that you took the blogging plunge here also! I have similar fears and feelings about blogging. Thank you so much for sharing your fears so openly and honestly. Looking forward to reading your future posts!


  2. Paul says:

    I second Shelby's comments above. I love your honest perspective and it scares me to think that so many people with so many great ideas are too modest to start blogging in fear of sounding elitist or snobby.

    Please blog for two reasons: (1) The only people who will read your blog are the ones who are open-minded enough to want to learn from you, and (2) It's amazingly reflective and leads to tremendous improvement in our own craft!

    Now get to work on some blog posts that have things in it that I can steal! I'm always looking for new ideas! 😉


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